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Will freezing point arm depilation make pores larger

Summer is coming. Many beauty lovers think of various ways to depilate, such as depilation cream and electroacupuncture depilation, which can not achieve depilation. Sometimes using such arm depilation method will make the arm hair thicker. Therefore, many beauty lovers choose freezing point hand and arm depilation, but some friends worry that freezing point arm depilation will enlarge the pores?

Freezing point arm depilation mainly uses the light and heat absorption of hair follicle melanin itself to destroy hair follicles. Due to the irreversibility of this treatment, the effect of arm depilation can be achieved. Depilation experts pointed out that freezing point arm depilation will not make the pores thicker and larger.

Freezing point arm hair removal technology, the laser pulse width is designed according to the characteristics of the human body, which can destroy the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. This accuracy and selectivity can remove the hair on the arm regardless of thickness. For other parts of the body, such as thighs, back and bikini area, excessive hair can be removed quickly, safely and effectively through freezing point depilation.

After treatment, the hair root is damaged, the pores will shrink, and the skin will become smooth and fine, without the pores becoming thick. At present, the excellent freezing point depilation instrument can tighten the skin while depilating, and the effect will naturally be better.