When can we see the obvious effect after finishing the micro needle?

After finishing the micro needle, you can protect your skin normally after a month. Microneedle is a common cosmetic method. It uses an instrument with many small needles for facial massage. In the process of treatment, it may cause local skin redness or skin mucosal damage, as well as pain. This is a burning phenomenon, and it takes about a month to fully recover. Do not use irritating skin care products and cosmetics during recovery.

  1. How long can the effect be seen after microneedle?

The effect will not be seen immediately after the microneedle is completed, because the effect of the microneedle will not be reflected until the skin completely repairs the epidermal damage, which generally takes 28 days. Although the effect time of micro needle is relatively slow, it can improve the skin problems from the root. In addition, as long as it is properly maintained, the effect will be maintained for a long time.

2 how long does the microneedle cosmetic effect last?

Theoretically, the effect of microneedle beauty can be maintained for a long time, but the premise is that there are no new skin problems such as acne marks and stretch marks.

In addition, in order to achieve good microneedle beauty effect, it is necessary to prevent sunscreen, dust, anti irritating spicy food, and prohibit functional skin care products and cosmetics.

  1. How many times does microneedle beauty have a good effect?

Microneedle to remove acne marks, all superficial wrinkles and stretch marks. These cosmetic treatments generally need to be done three times, because the effect of microneedle beauty is superimposed, so the effect of doing more times will be better.

It should be noted by beauty lovers that the interval of microneedle beauty should not be too short. It needs to be at least one month to repair the skin.

4 is microneedle beauty effective for wavy acne marks?

Many people have different opinions on the effect of microneedle beauty, mainly because the repair degree of microneedle is different for different acne marks. Generally speaking, microneedles plus some ingredients that promote collagen regeneration have a good effect on acne marks with shallow pit bottom and wide pit mouth like waves. This kind of acne mark is considered to be a acne mark with little difficulty to repair, so it can be repaired by a course of microneedle beauty. For pockmarks shaped like train cars and deep ice cone pockmarks, the effect of microneedle beauty is relatively small. It is suggested that beauty lovers with the other two kinds of acne scars use dot matrix laser or other beauty methods to remove acne scars.

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