What’s the use of micro targeting the skin? Is it harmful to do micro targeting on the skin?

Microneedle plastic is a popular laser cosmetic method at this stage. It can help those who pursue perfection and beauty smooth wrinkles and remove acne dents. However, micro needle plastic is always rotating on the skin with a small needle cylinder. Many people are more anxious. This kind of method will damage the skin. In the end, does micro needle plastic damage the skin? Now let’s catch up with the outpatient experts and professors of the medical beauty hospital.

Experts suggest that micro needle is harmless to the skin, because the needle length of micro needle beauty is generally 0.3-1.25mm. Its model and specification are very small. It is not easy to puncture the skin and cause skin bleeding. It only leads to the safe export of nutrient elements on the skin, helps the nutrient element liquid quickly penetrate into all areas of the skin, and flexibly uses the consistent skin care and beauty effects.

Because anyone’s skin thickness is inconsistent, doctors will choose microneedles of different lengths according to anyone’s skin thickness. In addition, roller micro needle beauty is one needle per person, without repeated application, which can prevent skin infection and inflammation. Microneedle plastic is not easy to change the structure of the skin. There is no wound in the air. The expected effect of cosmetic wrinkle removal is efficient and natural. Faster than traditional skin care products.

According to the detailed description of experts and professors above, I believe you should have a certain grasp of the content of microneedle beauty.

What should we pay attention to after microneedle beauty

Dry the common problem of microneedle beauty: avoid the use of irritating skin care products

After doing micro needle beauty, those who pursue perfection and beauty should pay attention not to use skin care products containing sodium salicylate, A-acid, sodium salicylate, facial exfoliation, high concentration, vitamin C, alcohol and other irritant ingredients. Although skin care products containing these ingredients have the function of intelligent system for the skin, the natural barrier of the skin after microneedle beauty treatment is damaged. These ingredients directly enter the inner stratum corneum of the skin, which will cause skin infection. Therefore, after doing micro needle beauty, there is no need to privately use some stimulating skin care products with different effects.

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