What should we pay attention to after laser tattoo washing?

A tattoo is like a soul that has been with you since you printed it on your body. If it is removed, it needs to pay a certain price. Many people have to wash off their tattoos for various reasons. At this time, laser tattoo washing was pushed to the public. There are many precautions after laser tattoo washing. If you don’t pay attention to it, your skin will be infected and ulcerated.

After laser tattoo washing, medicine should be used according to the condition of the wound

After laser tattoo washing, you must pay attention to the medication. Because everyone’s tattoo size is different, the size of the wound behind laser tattoo washing is also different. After laser tattoo washing, you can see the size of the wound. If the wound is large, you can apply scald cream in a large area, and the wound in a small area can be repaired by applying aloe gel.

It is normal for the tattoo to be reversed after laser washing

After professional laser tattoo removal washing, there will be anti color phenomenon, because after laser tattoo washing, affected by individuals and pigments, some people will have skin breaking, bleeding and blistering. These are normal phenomena after laser tattoo washing. If it is a small blister, it does not need to be treated, as long as the skin of the small blister is not worn. If there are large blisters, you need to prick them with a needle with complete effect, drain the water in the large blisters, and then apply anti-inflammatory drugs.

There is no need to worry about swelling after laser tattoo washing

After laser tattoo washing, there will be a small-scale swelling problem, which is a normal phenomenon. Generally, it will disappear by itself in 3 ~ 5 days without any treatment. If you want to promote the disappearance of swelling, it is recommended to use aloe gel to shorten the swelling time.

Pay attention to sunscreen after laser tattoo washing

After laser tattoo washing, you need to pay attention to sunscreen. The skin after laser is fragile and sensitive. Ultraviolet radiation will cause skin allergy and pigment precipitation. Therefore, you must actively sunscreen in the month after laser tattoo washing.

Do not eat dark food after new laser tattoo removal machine laser tattoo washing

Do not eat dark food after laser tattoo washing. This is because the wound will grow new granulation in the process of healing. The new granulation is usually pink. If you eat dark food during the recovery period of the wound, it will lead to pigment precipitation, that is, there will be scars behind the laser tattoo. Therefore, you need to eat light food for one month after the laser tattoo washing. You can’t eat coffee, chocolate Dark food such as soy sauce.

Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs after laser tattoo washing

Do not take aspirin type anti-inflammatory drugs after laser tattoo washing, because anti-inflammatory drugs will have a certain impact on the effect of laser tattoo washing. If you find inflammatory symptoms after laser tattoo washing, it is recommended to go to the hospital first and use drugs correctly under the doctor’s advice.

Do not touch alkaline substances after laser tattoo washing

Behind the laser wash lines, the skin will have a wound due to the stimulation of the laser. When the wound does not scab, it is generally not recommended to encounter alkaline substances, such as shampoo, shower gel, soap, detergent, etc. when bathing, which will stimulate the wound inflammation. If necessary, wrap the wound with fresh-keeping film, Then take a bath or wash the dishes.

Do not tear the wound by hand after laser tattoo washing

After laser tattoo washing, the wound will scab in about 5 days, and many people will tear the scab shell carelessly, which will cause the wound that is about to recover and create a new wound, so as to delay the cure time of laser tattoo washing, slow down the pace of tattoo washing, and finally fail to achieve the best effect of laser tattoo washing.

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