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What should we pay attention to after laser tattoo washing

With the development of science and technology, through many research and analysis and practical operation in the field of clinical medical application, the laser tattoo washing without pain, complete removal of pigment and damage to the skin has been particularly perfect. In a regular hospital equipped with professional plastic surgeons and special equipment, it can wash away the originally dissatisfied tattoos safely, reliably and without trace. What should we pay attention to after laser tattoo washing? Let’s have a look.

What should we pay attention to after laser tattoo washing

  1. What should we pay attention to after laser tattoo washing

After treatment, it will show white gray immediately. There is no need to worry, which means that the laser has worked on the tattooed skin. After laser tattoo washing, depending on individual differences, the surgical treatment location will produce varying degrees of skin edema or skin bleeding. With the treatment of plastic surgeons, this kind of reaction will generally scab and disappear within a week. A few patients may last longer, and usually will not leave marks after disappearance. When laser tattoos are washed, the plastic surgeon will determine the length of time required in the overall process according to the total area of the tattoo. Also need to decide the treatment course according to the depth of tattoo tone. After treatment, you can return home or work without delaying working hours and without any significant side effects. There will be a recovery period after laser treatment. Blisters may occur anywhere within 8 to 3 days after treatment. Follow the doctor’s instructions for later maintenance. Generally, the recovery cycle takes 3 to 10 days. After washing the tattoo, there will be reverse color. Affected by the difference of each body and the intensity of pigment, the reverse color will occur after a few minutes to hours, which is also a normal phenomenon. During the repair process, the hue will fade gradually until it disappears. The treatment position cannot be wiped within two weeks of treatment, and exposure shall be prevented to prevent affecting the treatment effect. In order to ensure that the color ink in the skin is completely decomposed and the tattoo is completely removed, multiple laser treatment is necessary. It takes an average of 8 to 12 laser treatments to remove one tattoo. Each treatment in the process shall not be too deep. If the eradication is not clean once, it can be carried out for the second time, with an interval of 1 to 3 months between each two treatments.

  1. Advantages of laser tattoo washing

What should we pay attention to after laser tattoo washing? I know. Let’s also look at the advantages of laser tattoo washing. The pigment particles of the tattoo are all over the lower layer of the skin, with different size, density, thickness and color. Therefore, it is necessary to remove them with various wavelengths and high-energy lasers. Since the action time of laser is very short, it will not cause damage to the surrounding normal skin tissue. Laser treatment of pigmentation, tattoo and eyebrow tattoo has obvious effect, small side effects, short treatment time and convenient postoperative care.

The above is the corresponding explanation of the problem of “what to pay attention to after laser tattoo washing“. The pain of washing tattoos is certain, which can require wiping anesthetics on the surface of the skin. The precondition is that they have no anesthetic allergy symptoms, and they can also need to do an allergy symptom test. Do a good job in the corresponding matters after treatment, which can make the final effect of treatment better and more satisfied.