What should I pay attention to after washing tattoos

A tattoo is like a soul. I’ve been with you since the moment I engraved it on my body. If you want to remove it, you need to pay a price. For various reasons, many people have to wash tattoos. At this time, laser tattoo washing was pushed to the public. However, there are many precautions after laser tattoo washing. If you don’t pay attention to skin care, it may be infected and ulcerated.

What should I pay attention to after washing tattoos

What should I pay attention to after washing Tattoos:

① Medication according to the condition of the wound

After laser washing tattoos, you must pay attention to medication. Because everyone’s tattoo size is different, the size of the wound after laser tattoo is also different. After laser tattoo cleaning, we can see the size of the wound. If the wound is large, you can apply scald ointment on a large area, and the wound on a small area can be repaired with aloe gel.

② It’s normal to have color reversal

After laser cleaning tattoos, there may be color reversal, because after laser cleaning tattoos, affected by individuals and color substances, some people will have skin rupture, bleeding and blistering, which is a normal phenomenon after laser cleaning tattoos. If it is a small blister, there is no need for treatment, as long as the skin of the small blister is not worn. If it is a large blister, you need to prick it with a needle, the water in the large blister will be discharged, and then apply it with anti-inflammatory drugs.

③ Don’t worry about swelling

It is normal that there will be a small range of swelling after laser cleaning. Generally, it will disappear within 3-5 days without any treatment. If you want to promote swelling, it is recommended to use aloe gel to shorten the time of detumescence.

④ Pay attention to sunscreen

After laser washing tattoos, you need to pay attention to sunscreen. After laser irradiation, the skin is fragile and sensitive. Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin allergy, pigmentation and other conditions. Therefore, you must actively do a good job in sunscreen one month after laser tattoo washing.

⑤ Don’t eat dark food

Don’t eat dark food after laser tattoo washing. This is because the wound grows new granulation during the healing process. New granulation is usually pink. If you eat dark food during the recovery period of the wound, it will lead to pigment deposition, that is, the scar after laser tattoo will appear. Therefore, you need to eat light food one month after laser tattoo cleaning. You can’t eat dark foods such as coffee, chocolate and soy sauce.

⑥ Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs

Do not take aspirin anti-inflammatory drugs after laser tattoo cleaning, because anti-inflammatory drugs will have a certain impact on the effect of laser tattoo cleaning. If there are inflammatory symptoms after laser tattoo cleaning, it is recommended to go to the hospital first and use drugs correctly under the guidance of doctors.

⑦ Do not touch alkaline substances

There will be wounds on the skin due to the stimulation of laser. When there is no scab on the wound, it is generally not recommended to contact alkaline substances, such as shampoo, shower gel, soap, detergent, etc., which will stimulate wound inflammation. If necessary, wrap the wound with plastic wrap before bathing or washing dishes.

⑧ Don’t tear the scab

After laser tattoo washing, the wound will scab in about 5 days. Many people will not pay attention to the protection of scab, which will produce new wounds for the wounds that are about to recover, so as to delay the time of wound healing and slow down the recovery speed. In the end, it fails to achieve the better effect of laser tattoo washing.

In addition, spicy and greasy food is not allowed for one to two weeks after washing the tattoo. It is also prohibited to eat foods containing pigment and irritation. The first three days are good. Don’t let the wound contact water to avoid infection. Keep the skin dry after operation without any drug assistance, otherwise it may cause skin inflammation. In addition, it is normal to find blisters on the skin. The next tattoo washing can only be carried out two or three months after washing the tattoo. The specific time interval varies from person to person. The third tattoo washing needs to be separated by 3 to 4 months, but remember that the time should not be too frequent.