What is the tattoo removal method without scars?

Plastic experts said that people’s skin is generally divided into superficial layer and dermis. Tattoos are usually implanted in the dermis and cannot fall off and disappear by themselves. Laser tattoo washing is to smash the pigment particles in the dermis into very small debris by applying the laser to the tattoo, eliminate them from the body through skin metabolism or cell phagocytosis, and effectively remove the tattoo.

Traditional Tattoo washing methods, such as chemical etching or surgery, are easy to leave scars on the skin. Laser tattoo washing does not require surgery and will not abrade the skin, so in most cases, laser tattoo washing will not leave scars.

Advantages of laser tattoo washing:

A commercial tattoo removal machine laser is used to remove the tattoo without damaging the skin: the laser wash tattoo can be selectively operated by using lasers of different wavelengths. The light is injected into the dermis to turn the pigment particles into powder, which makes them jump higher and larger, and then absorbed and removed by macrophages. If the tattoo pattern is dark, it can be repeated many times to constantly change the wavelength of light.

Second, use the best laser tattoo removal machine laser to remove the tattoo without leaving scars: This is one of the most remarkable features of laser tattoo washing, because the operation does not need to use knife cutting or abrasion. In most cases, tattoo washing will not leave obvious scars, but it may also leave deep or shallow spots, but it is always better than leaving scar tumors.

III. no anesthesia is required for laser tattoo removal: the laser can instantly break and destroy pigment particles with high energy, and the broken pigment debris can be discharged from the body through scab removal or cell phagocytosis and lymphatic blood circulation. The effect of laser is highly selective, does not damage the surrounding normal skin, has no obvious side effects after tattoo washing, and does not leave scars.

Warm tip: laser tattoo has good effect and no scar. It is the most commonly used tattoo removal method and the best way for you to remove tattoos. However, we must remind you that if the hospital selected for laser tattoo washing is irregular, it will lead to infection, scar and other problems. In order to avoid this kind of situation, it is recommended to choose a regular hospital.

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