what are the effects of microneedle beauty?

  1. Remove wavy pit scars

Microneedles can remove scars and pits, because microneedles use microneedle rollers to create corresponding stimulation at the skin level and promote the proliferation of collagen and fibroblasts in the skin layer.

  1. Remove stretch marks and fat marks

Some beauty lovers will have stretch marks on their belly just after giving birth. At this time, they can also use micro needles to remove them. The function of microneedles to remove stretch marks is that the heat energy generated by non insulating microneedles can promote the growth of collagen in the body, so as to tighten the skin and improve stretch marks. In addition, fat lines and thin lines are caused by the rupture of skin collagen fibers, so they can be improved by microneedle beauty.

  1. Remove superficial wrinkles

Microneedles can remove superficial wrinkles and delay the first aging process of beauty lovers to a certain extent. This is because microneedle treatment will produce heat energy, and the skin will synthesize a large amount of new collagen after being subjected to the thermal effect. In this way, the wrinkles on the superficial surface of the skin can be smoothed after a large amount of collagen egg white is born, so as to promote the skin to return to youth.

  1. Moisturize the skin deeply

The reason why microneedles can replenish water and moisturize the skin is that microneedles can penetrate the moisturizing components of some nutrients into the mesoderm channel of the skin through mesoderm therapy, so that nutrients can be fully absorbed by the skin, so as to replenish water and moisturize the skin deeply.

  1. Whitening and lightening spots, brightening skin color

Microneedles can whiten and lighten spots, mainly because the radiofrequency of microneedles will produce thermal stimulation on the skin. Under thermal stimulation, some old cells will apoptosis and new cells will gradually form. Therefore, they can replace the original pigmented skin cells, so as to reduce the skin spots of beauty lovers with spots on the face.

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