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Should young people have tattoos? Tattoo regret how to do?

Tattoos seem to have always been the trend of young people. Although large pieces of flying dragon and Phoenix tattoos are no longer popular among young people, small and exquisite tattoos still seem to be the way to show their personality in many people’s hearts. For tattoos, most of the older generation has only Tucao, or tattoo people make complaints about tattoos. So, is it good for young people to have tattoos? What if you regret after the tattoo?

Expert: tattoos can damage the skin and even cause cancer

Although tattoo has been popular for many years, its principle has not changed significantly. Generally, it breaks the skin with colored needles and creates some patterns or words on the skin. Because of this, it actually hides many health hazards.

“Some of the pigments used in tattoos are chemical substances. After entering the human body, these substances may stimulate skin infection or allergy, resulting in local itching, pain or burning and numbness. If the pigments used exceed the standard of heavy metals, they can also induce cell mutation, which is a precursor to cancer.”

In addition, tattoos in the process of piercing the skin, if the disinfection did not do well cross infection, can lead to tattoo infected with a variety of blood borne diseases, including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and even AIDS.

Therefore, from a health standpoint, it is generally not recommended that tattoos, skin diseases, heart disease, diabetes and pregnant women and people with scar constitution are not suitable for tattoos.

What about regret after tattoo?

If you feel regret after the tattoo, what you have to do at this time is to wash the tattoo. The traditional tattoo washing methods include chemical corrosion, skin grinding, skin transplantation and laser tattoo washing. At present, the more popular way is laser tattoo washing.

The principle of laser tattoo removal is to use the photothermal decomposition of super pulse dot matrix laser to instantly vaporize or burst, so that the pigment particles in the dermis produced by tattoo are broken, and then transported to the outside body through lymph or epidermis, so that the skin can recover its normal color from the appearance.

Compared with other methods, laser tattoo has less pain and damage, but if the tattoo area is large, several treatments may be needed to achieve the purpose of tattoo removal.

Of course, although the effect of laser tattoo removal is good, it is still difficult to completely remove the tattoo. Therefore, it is suggested that before considering tattooing, we must consider the advantages and disadvantages before making a decision, so as not to induce disease or regret after tattooing, and we need to spend more time and money to remove tattoos. If you need to get a tattoo, you must choose a regular medical institution and consult a professional doctor before choosing a specific treatment.

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