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Painless no scar laser wash tattoo

Although some people say tattoos don’t hurt, washing tattoos hurts. This may be the real mark! So what method is used to wash tattoos without pain or scar? Let’s have a look! According to experts, at present, laser tattoo is a good and popular way to get tattoos. He mainly sends out laser through the therapeutic instrument to break the color particles of tattoos, so as to achieve the purpose of laser tattoo washing. However, generally, laser tattooing needs to be done repeatedly several times to really achieve the effect of washing off tattoos. When you have a very good treatment, you will not cause any damage to the skin or leave any scars. However, with the number of treatments, you will leave scars on the skin surface, but don’t worry. The scars will fade slowly after treatment until they really disappear. So how to care after treatment to make the scar disappear quickly? Precautions and nursing after laser tattoo washing: 1. After tattoo washing, it is forbidden to eat spicy food with pigment for 1-2 weeks. And the first three days after surgery, the surgical site should not be stained with water. 2. After the operation, we must ensure the cleanness of the operation site and keep the skin dry. It is forbidden to use any medicine without permission. 3. When the operation site is scarred, do not scratch it with your hand, and let the scab fall off by itself until it disappears. 4. Be sure to follow the doctor’s instructions after operation. If you have any discomfort, you should go to the hospital in time.