Principle of laser hair removal apparatus

  Depilator principle laser depilation

  Laser depilation device is an important branch of depilation device. Laser hair removal is based on selective photothermal dynamics. Laser wavelength energy can pass through the surface of the skin to reach the root of the hair follicle, and then the hair inside the hair follicle will be absorbed and converted into heat energy to destroy the hair follicle tissue, so that the growing hair is burned and died. The laser doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue when applied to the hair follicle, so it’s safer under normal conditions.

  Which depilator is better?

  The 808 is based on selective photothermal dynamics. By adjusting the wavelength, energy and pulse width of the laser, the light energy can reach the hair follicle through the skin surface and be absorbed and converted into heat energy that damages the hair follicle tissue without damaging the normal skin. Hair follicles quickly heat up and die, depriving hair of its ability to regenerate. Freezing point hair removal system adopts unique freezing protection, which can reduce the temperature of partial epidermis to 5. Just like in summer, there are cool snowflakes in the air, making you feel cool.

  The main difference between home depilation equipment and hospital depilation equipment

  Many girls now plant grass before summer and have home hair removal devices. But I want to tell you this: home depilators are definitely slightly less effective than hospital depilators. Because home depilators reduce energy in pursuit of safety, home depilators can last longer than hospital depilation programs. In addition, home depilators, like hospital devices, do not achieve permanent hair removal, but only for a few years after removal.

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