A few things you must know about laser tattoo removal

  In the United States, nearly 30% of people have at least one tattoo. Almost half of millennials have one. But not everyone is satisfied with their decision. As many as 25% of tattooists said they regret getting it.

  If you are at 25%, that’s good news. Laser tattoo removal technology can significantly reduce the appearance of unwanted tattoos with minimal side effects.

  How does this work?

  Tattoos are removed by using a high-intensity laser beam to decompose the pigment color. Black tattoo pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths, making it the easiest color to handle. For other colors, laser processing can only be selected based on the color of the pigment.

  You should arrange for a consultation with a trained professional who can evaluate your tattoo and give you advice in the process. The number of treatments you need depends on the age, size and color of the tattoo. Your skin tone, as well as the depth of the tattoo pigment, will also affect the removal technique.

  Generally speaking, this is what you should expect during laser tattoo removal:

  1- You will get a pair of goggles.

  2-The technician will test your skin’s response to the laser to determine the most effective treatment energy.

  3-The technician uses a laser pulse to penetrate the top layer of the skin, which will only be absorbed by the tattoo pigment.

  Smaller tattoos need fewer pulses, while larger tattoos need more pulses to remove them. In either case, multiple treatments are required to completely remove the tattoo. After each visit, your tattoo should gradually fade.

  Laser tattoo removal is uncomfortable, but most patients do not need anesthesia. Depending on the location of the tattoo, a local anesthetic cream may need to be applied in advance.

  Immediately after treatment, use an ice pack to soothe the treated area. And apply antibiotic cream or ointment and bandage to protect it. When you are outside, you should also make sure it is coated with sunscreen.

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