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Laser hair removal: let you “real” hair removal and defeat “fake” hair removal

It is said that the plan of the year lies in spring, which is the season for the recovery of all things, and the hair is born again after the spring wind. In order to show their figure in summer, girls will carry out a vigorous “hair removal war” when spring comes, but every time it is “spring wind blows again”, in fact, it’s your fault to use some “fake” hair removal methods!

It is said that there is no depilation in March, no one pursues in April, piles of hair in May and relationships in June. However, some people still have piles of body hair after depilation. In fact, their consciousness is good, but it’s just that you use the wrong method.

Shaving knife: one small shaving in three days and one big shaving in five days. The coarser and coarser stubble is all over the body, and it will stab yourself from time to time. There is even a little doubt that you have too much androgen. Moreover, the careless use of shaving knife may also cause problems such as folliculitis.

Depilation wax paper: it is estimated that only you can understand the acid and refreshing between pulling and pulling. Although it is clean, the wax paper is really “bloody” and red when it is torn off.

Depilatory cream: it is convenient and fast to apply one coat at a time, but the strong paste makes people with sensitive skin unbearable. If the skin is stimulated for a long time, there may be symptoms such as skin redness, swelling, pruritus and so on.

The correct depilation method is to open the way so that you can complete depilation in the process of enjoyment, so that you can no longer “suffer” the pain of depilation. Laser hair removal enters the skin through the laser energy. The melanin in the hair follicle can absorb the laser energy, so as to destroy the brain follicle and burn the body hair, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal, help you remove the body hair and have silky skin.

Laser hair removal can not only remove the body hair, but also shrink the pores and smooth the skin, so that you can harvest delicate skin while changing the “wool sauce”.

The whole treatment process only has the feeling of slight burn. There is no need to worry that the laser will burn the skin. It is different from the pain of traditional hair removal. Laser hair removal allows you to complete the treatment in the process of enjoyment.