Is laser depilation harmful to the body? Is laser hair removal safe in beauty salons

Laser hair removal generally does no harm to the body and can achieve a good hair removal effect. Laser hair removal mainly uses the physical beam of laser to directly act on the skin cortex and destroy it in the cortex, so as to make the local hair follicle tissue shrink, so as to achieve the effect of complete hair removal and improving the local skin. During the period of hair removal improvement, we should also pay attention to local nursing, and try to avoid local scratching and rubbing.

Laser hair removal usually does no harm to the body. Laser hair removal uses the specific light wave and pulse width energy beam of the laser to directly irradiate the skin surface, which can directly reach the root of the hair follicle. The hair follicle tissue can be destroyed by heat energy, which can make the hair follicle inactive and no longer grow hair, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal. The laser has good pertinence and will not damage normal skin tissue after use. After using the laser, the skin is more delicate and protected from the sun for a long time.

Laser hair removal technology is relatively mature, safe and less harmful to the body. However, laser hair removal will stimulate the skin. If it is allergic constitution or sensitive skin, pigmentation or skin erythema will occur. In addition, if you operate improperly in the process of depilation, or the intensity of depilation is too large, it will damage the local skin and break the epidermis. If the healing is not good, severe cases will leave scars. Laser hair removal is selective photolysis, which will penetrate the skin to the root of hair follicle and cause irreversible damage to hair follicle.

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