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How much is a picosecond laser?

First, the price of picosecond laser is as follows, 5000-25000 yuan. Thus, the price of picosecond laser surgery is relatively moderate. In short, in terms of cost performance, the cost of picosecond laser surgery is not high. Average income families can afford it. Nationwide, 90% of patients are very satisfied with the operation effect, reaching the skin beauty of those seeking beauty before operation, skin whitening, wrinkle removal and freckle removal. Many patients are worried about the safety and effect of picosecond laser surgery. In fact, picosecond laser technology has passed the test. There is no need to worry too much about this. However, we should remind you that after all, surgery has certain damage to the body. We must pay attention to avoid secondary damage to the surgical site, otherwise, the later treatment will be more troublesome. Moreover, picosecond laser is an advanced freckle removing equipment. It directly shatters skin melanin with a powerful energy, and then excretes it out of the body through skin lymph to improve pigmented skin. At the same time, picosecond laser can start skin repair by itself, promote the renewal and proliferation of collagen, and achieve the effects of removing pigment, whitening and rejuvenating skin, improving fine lines and improving delicate skin quality. Moreover, the picosecond laser speed time is 7 times faster than the traditional laser, and the picosecond time can instantly destroy melanin. Compared with the general laser, the single treatment effect is obvious, and the treatment process can be shortened from the original 10 times to 2-3 times; It is more effective in the treatment of intractable color spots. Better than other picosecond lasers. In addition, picosecond laser breaks through the limitation of traditional laser and uses fast shock wave to remove melanin, which is 7 times faster than ordinary laser. The probability of thermal damage to the skin is greatly reduced, and the risk of stimulating melanin proliferation is also reduced. Therefore, it has little damage to normal tissues, the lower the side effects, the faster the recovery, and the postoperative redness and swelling can subside within 3-6 hours. And the rebound is generally related to the neglect of nursing after picosecond laser. If beauty lovers pay attention to skin moisturizing and sunscreen before and after picosecond laser, there will be no rebound after picosecond laser.

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