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How about the effect of laser eyebrow washing and tattoo washing

The treatment principle uses the blasting effect of laser. The laser can effectively penetrate the epidermis, reach the pigment group of dermis and be absorbed by the corresponding pigment. Because the action time of the laser is very short and the energy is very high, the pigment group expands and breaks into small particles after absorbing the high-energy laser in an instant.

These small particles are swallowed by macrophages in the body and excluded from the body. The pigment gradually fades and finally disappears, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

Treatment of pigmented skin lesions, such as blue, black, brown, red and their mixed colors made of tattoos, tattoos, eyeliner, lip lines, etc. Features: no damage to hair follicles, no damage to normal skin, no scar, short time, light pain, small postoperative response, fast recovery, and no impact on work