How about the effect of arm depilation

The effect of freezing point arm depilation is obvious, and the effect can be seen when standing up. Arm depilation usually takes 4-6 hours. The treatment time is short, which does not affect the normal work and days. Each treatment can be completed in more than ten minutes. Freezing point arm depilation is safe and reliable. Because it is the treatment process of introducing non-invasive light energy therapy into arm depilation, freezing point arm depilation is non-invasive, and there will be no scars on the skin after treatment.

The answer is yes. According to the principle of thermal effect of light, freezing point arm depilation can effectively control the wavelength and energy of light wave to make the light penetrate the surface of skin and reach the root of hair, differentiate or selectively absorb the melanocytes of hair follicles selected for hair growth, and then inhibit hair growth and long-term hair loss.

Arm laser hair removal effect:

1。 Preoperative preparation: before receiving laser arm hair removal treatment, the hair of the treatment part needs to be completely shaved to avoid skin burns during treatment. Generally, anesthesia is not required.

2。 Treatment: when receiving laser arm hair removal, touch the laser head to the treatment area, gently press it and irradiate it. The area of 9mm2 can be treated instantly. After the initial treatment, some people may have a small amount of hair regeneration, but it will be significantly less and slender than before, and can be treated again. Generally, satisfactory results can be obtained after 3-5 times.

3。 The practice of laser treatment abroad has proved that it is safe for thousands of people.