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Does laser depilation hurt? What are the precautions

Excess hair on the body is always annoying. A beautiful woman with a beautiful and chic face, but with thick black lip hair, immediately lost her femininity; A pair of legs, no matter how slender and symmetrical, if they are covered with long and black leg hair, they will be interesting immediately; If a thin white hand is covered with messy hand hair, which man is willing to hold it in the palm of his hand?

Does laser hair removal hurt

At present, laser hair removal uses a specially designed double pulse laser. Instead of burning hair follicles, it only needs to raise the temperature of hair follicles to 45 degrees and maintain it for a short time. Hair follicles and surrounding stem cells will be destroyed, so as to achieve the goal of long-term hair removal.

The feeling of the whole hair removal process is first cool and then warm, with almost no pain. Therefore, we do not need to worry about the problem of laser hair removal pain. Laser hair removal uses a series of laser pulses, which are usually accompanied by some tingling or slight burning sensation in the process of treatment.

During treatment, some patients may have temporary redness or swelling, or even mild skin pruritus. The redness and swelling subsided and the skin returned to normal a few hours after treatment. The laser will not damage the skin, so there is no need to do any treatment. There is little discomfort after treatment, which does not affect normal life and work. The time required for treating different parts is also different. The time for treating the beard part of the lip is 5 to 10 minutes, the time for treating the hair of both lower legs is 30 to 40 minutes, and the time for treating the hair of both lower limbs is about 90 minutes.

Precautions for laser hair removal

(1) before laser hair removal, clean and disinfect the parts that need hair removal. Some women use honey wax for hair removal at home. At this time, it is better to use a small amount of talcum powder to dry the oil on the skin surface, so as to enhance the adhesion of wax; In addition, due to the concentration of capillaries and nerves in the hair root, it is easy to cause pain when pulling hair.

(2) before laser hair removal, wrap ice cubes with towels and apply cold compress on the hair removal part to reduce the pain. Do not use too much force when depilating, otherwise it will stimulate the skin and aggravate the pain.

(3) after laser hair removal, alcohol should be used for disinfection, and some anti-inflammatory ointment should be coated on the hair removal part to avoid folliculitis. Doctors do not advocate cutting armpit hair with scissors or scraping it with a blade, because it is very easy to be injured and cause bacterial infection in the armpit. It is not only painful locally, but also prone to symptoms such as lymphadenopathy.

Body hair has no effect on boys. Some say “Wow, real man!” But if girls have thick body hair, it is “kiwi, Monkey King”. Girls are pink and tender in the eyes of boys. If you want to maintain your pink and tender image, learn about laser hair removal.