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Do microneedles make skin thinner and thinner?

Nowadays, more and more babies will regularly choose medical beauty for skin management to solve the skin problems that can not be cared for at home. However, babies have some concerns about the micro needle project. They don’t know much, and the misunderstanding is growing. Today, let’s talk about the micro needle.

The microneedle needle is ultra-thin, and rolling on the skin surface will quickly produce a large number of subtle channels invisible to the naked eye, greatly improving the absorption rate.

Will microneedles damage the skin and cause the cuticle to become thinner and thinner?

can’t! Not only will it not, but it will improve the arrangement of keratinocytes, repair the damaged stratum corneum, restore and enhance the barrier function of stratum corneum, so as to improve the problems of skin sensitivity and weak stratum corneum.

The principle of micro needle is to quickly open the skin channel through the ultra-thin physical roller steel needle, form a large number of needle holes invisible to the naked eye, and introduce the corresponding drugs at the same time, so as to improve the drug absorption efficiency.

This process will stimulate the skin itself to secrete a large number of growth factors and enable the self-healing mechanism to achieve the result of repair and growth after damage. It will not damage the skin, let alone the thinner the stratum corneum.

Warm tip: if you see the reticular arrangement of bleeding points after finishing, it is scab, not needle eye. After the micro needle, apply the medical aseptic repair mask in time, replenish the loss of the skin moisture, prevent the pores from being enlarged, and calm down and restore the red.

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