Do microneedles cause larger pores?

After microneedles, because the epidermis opens a large number of open and subtle channels, the rate of percutaneous water loss is twice as much as usual. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the medical cold compress paste to relieve the sedation, remove the red, or enrich the medical sterile mask.

If this process is not paid attention to, the skin will be seriously short of water and red and swollen due to rapid water loss, so the pores are bound to be enlarged, and the repair is not timely and sufficient, which is bound to affect the effect of microneedles. If the micro needle is not repaired well, the pores will be enlarged. From this point, not only the operator, but also the beauty seeker, should pay great attention to the repair link.

Do microneedles explode acne?

not always. If it is acne skin, there is a high probability that it will burst after microneedles. The reason is that microneedles can stimulate deep immature acne or acne to mature and metabolize in advance. This burst of acne is not a bad thing, but a normal phenomenon, so it can not be handled.

If it is not acne skin, if it is not infected during operation or repair, it will not burst after microneedle.

Can microneedles cause allergies?

The probability is very low! In most cases, during microneedle, the main factors leading to allergy

One is the unqualified potion or essence. There are many institutions or beauty salons, using three or no medicine to make microneedles for the beauty, resulting in allergies. The second is the wrong repair method. Not sunscreen, staying up late smoking and drinking will easily cause allergic reactions, which directly affects the final effect of microneedles.

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