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Are microneedles at risk? What are the risks of making roller microneedles by yourself?

Is microneedle beauty really so good? Why do some people say that microneedle beauty may become disfigured? While microneedle is favored by many female friends, the unstable factors brought by microneedle beauty also begin to occur at a high rate.

Microneedle beauty may become disfigured, and microneedle beauty has side effects. The side effects of microneedles are mainly caused by the fact that beauty seekers do not understand the professional knowledge of microneedles. Some beauty lovers have done microneedle beauty and disfigurement is caused by informal institutions. In addition to selecting compliant institutions, the nutritional content of acmetea (human like peptide) in the body is also very important, which can repair the skin damage caused by the needle mouth after high-density skin puncture, Avoid post injection erythema, bagging, edema, bruise and other reactions and continuous allergic reactions caused by the operation, resist the skin damage and side effects caused by the operation process, and avoid supplementing collagen to prevent the uneven growth of new skin tissue, resulting in scar tissue under the skin, subcutaneous necrosis, long spots, redness and other adverse reactions.

Side effects of microneedles:

Some beauty lovers have done microneedle beauty and become disfigured because irregular microneedle beauty has brought some serious side effects. All operations have risks and may lead to complications. The risk of operation is inevitable.

  1. The needle will stimulate and damage the epidermis, destroy the skin self-protection barrier, and cause subtle traumatic inflammation. Improper care will cause skin needle mouth infection
  2. Microneedle injection will stimulate human rejection and protect skin edema, rash, erythema, swelling and bruise.
  3. The micro needle directly injects the beauty ingredients that are difficult to be absorbed by the normal skin into the cortex. The normal physiology of throbbing skin makes it difficult to completely avoid skin irritation, damage the normal metabolism of the skin, and cause pseudo skin sensitivity.
  4. The impure, complex and large amount of microneedles will cause the rupture of subcutaneous capillaries, aggravation of red blood filaments, local stiffness, agglomeration and other side effects. Microneedle is an invasive tool. It needs to be operated in a regular hospital. If it is improperly operated or disinfected, it may cause bacterial infection.

The risk of making roller micro needle by yourself will lead to skin damage and acne pit on your face. If you are making a roller warm needle, you should go to a regular hospital, which can reduce the risk and generally will not cause skin damage. The roller position can also effectively improve the symptoms of coarse pores. However, microneedle is an invasive operation. If the operation is wrong, it may lead to scab and bleeding on the skin. After finishing the micro needle, to ensure the cleanness and hygiene of the face, the local part can be cleaned with anti-inflammatory drugs, which can effectively prevent inflammatory infection on the skin and affect the effect of micro needle.

To better avoid the side effects of microneedle, under the guidance of skilled professional doctors, cooperate with (human like peptide) body nutrition, and avoid possible disfigurement of microneedle beauty. Acmetea (human like peptide) can repair the skin damage caused by a large number of needle openings after high-density skin puncture. At the same time, it can avoid post injection erythema, bagging, edema, bruise and other reactions and continuous allergic reactions caused by operation. During the repair period, it can resist the damage and side effects of the operation process and promote the proliferation of collagen and elastic fibers, Regenerate healthy skin from the inside out.

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